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We  and the concept of time are interconnected with the world activities. You may have been involving in so many exercises on the time management. In this world, each individual has an environmentally interconnection with the conscious life. For an example, the human is considered as 100-120 years of lifespan being. The life of turtle is about one and  a half centuries; relative to human beings it may be usually 2 to 3 generations. The lifespan of an insect is having relatively a short period of time. Most are not years, not months, but few days. According to the Biology/Zoology, a turtle lives about 150 years. Did you know that most of the animals who live in the ocean whose lifespan relatively higher than the animals who live on the ground? One of the longest lifespans belongs (according to one opinion) to an oyster, Ocean Quahog Clam who lives in the North Atlantic Ocean. It lives nearly 507 years. According to another opinion, scientists have identified that a jellyfish known as Turritopsis dohrnii (immortal jellyfish) is living in the Mediterranean Sea, is said to be “biologically immortal,” which means that the body is shaped to replicate naturally after starting to deteriorate with age or due to the external reasons (Image 1 and 2).

Quahog Clam (source: www.istockphoto.com)
Turritopsis dohrnii (source: www.immortal-jellyfish.com)

But, all of the above values have been compared and understood as of the humans’ point of view in which according to the human. For a moment, the insect that lives for days, is not a long time? The insects last for several days living their entire life cycle in a considerable time frame; survives and dies. For our point of view, that lifespan is very short. But, according to the insect, it has passed the entire life cycle during that particular period. The world that is visible to every is a short period to one-body and a long duration for someone else. This is the relativity. We are living in this hustle and bustle world, creating future plans and hopes and living and living so on to the end. Compared with each passion, nowadays the human life is so complex with these physical properties and equipment. We have consciously ignored the difference of the wants and needs. In this life-journey, sometimes we have seen our relatives’ born and die. The magic of all of these are that we feel illusions in a mind- mapped timeline. We perceive the world which is visible to you or me according to you or me, but unique to each. It is the phenomenon that drives each other’s perception. Your world and my world is one but truly,  Two.  The one-and-half centuries living tortoise who lives for few days also existing in the different worlds, not the same world.

According to modern physics, the frequency range of a Bat is 2000 Hz-110000 Hz while the human can be heard between 64 Hz-23000 Hz. It can hear the range you cannot listen to. The Bat is experiencing more of this world than what you think of. Then we know that we do not perceive the world than it (as of sounds point of view), in which this is the living in the two worlds at the same time (Image 3).

Frequency Ranges       Source: www.lsu.edu

Similarly, animal vision is also having the particular ranges.  As we have been studying in Physics, due to the spectrum, the naked eye can identify the colour of objects around us.  The colour of the objects you see, do not see in the animal world. Here are a few examples.

(source: www.sciencealert.com)
(source: www.sciencealert.com)

The world takes on an experience through our own fleshed organs. Therefore we have no such perception perfectly in which we are called limited perception beings. How great (or fare) is to think that there are no such unknown things surrounding us? We have noticed that we are living in an illusion and a non-permanent world which is having full of an unidentified phenomenon. In the sense, 2600 years ago, this philosophy was described in the doctrine of the nature in Buddhism and some of the eastern religions. According to Yoga principles, our thoughts are interconnected with the universe through the individuals own chakras. The human body has seven main chakras, see the diagram (Image 6).

(source: www.bigshakti.com)

The spine is referred to as the foundation of individual human consciousness. The thoughts of our mind should be connected with the climax. The spine of the physical body is the basic support structure of our mind. We also say that all the nerve signals necessary for maintain of our day-to-day operations in which those are emerging around the nerve cells of the spine. So, the images of the external world we know are outbound signals which perceive through the main body institutions; eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin. As an example, through the skin we feel, it recognizes through the brain in a neurological way. As such, what we can see as the external world, frames of the images generated by a particular period of time as the hologram or hallucination? (Compare the performance of a projector or a TV in this pragmatic world). Is it not possible to understand of this natural theory? Think freely without a religious premise (Image 7).

Source: www.sciencedaily.com
The Video – Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality
The Profile: Prof.Anil Seth (Cognitive Neuroscientist)

Today we believe that nature creates a vivid man. That is the concept of man’s thoughts, which cannot be compared and considered as similar to the animal world; the human is comparatively made with inborn talents by nature. However, this life journey begins with a lifelong breath at birth, based on a mind based on the thoughts. Due to the previous memories, this life is being continued. That means you have nothing without the past memories? A simple example, at the moment we all can flash to “Eiffel Tower” in France. Is the one that is presently in the Paris City or a stored picture of our memory? Actually, it was in your mind in which the thoughts are not similar to each other, those are unique to the person to the person. In fact, there are millions of thoughts or signs stored in our memory. What we think that the world is real, but actually we are mostly living on the individuals’ stored memories. So how is everything that you think is so reliable? (Image 8).

There is a very clear reference on the behaviour of the mind by the three-time frames, the past, this moment, and the future that has not arrived. Centuries ago, the Western world did not have an idea of this spiritual phenomenon in deep. But in the recent history, the German spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s the two books called “Stillness Speaks” and “The Power of Now” significantly speaks on this moment, and the past and the minds of the future (honourable mentions: Edgar Cayce). He says this is a new tendency for the Western nations to move towards the spiritual path.

Eckhart Tolle  (source: www.nondualteacher.com)

 Stillness Speaks

The Power of Now

I will come to the final stage of this article. The time and the idleness of the world is totally a mindset picture that we can see. This is irrelevant to the religion, race, caste, or gender. Even if we live in such a temporary environment, man is the foremost intellectual being in nature and in the animal world. We have been fading the whole beings by ourselves and our own dignity, confusingly, by our own thoughts. The so-called intelligent man, armed with a nuclear potential that could be placed on a dusty cloud of dust in a single minute, took the title of the saviour of these whole creatures on the planet. Life is a universal doctrine that flows from the thoughts that flow from existing – not flowing – and forth at the moment. Ideology is the collection of past signals that come to mind and if you live in a good understanding of the meaning of “I am” at the moment, you can find the real “I”. When you first recognize you, how beautiful this temporary place will be?

Ideology | (source: www.poder360.com.br) 

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