The world Tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing single industries in the world. At present, global tourism industry represents around 11% of the world’s GDP, around 8% of global employment and around 9% of the global wages. It is also the largest single employment generator of the world economy today. There is a straight and significant relationship of Tourism with the Aviation Services in the business arena.

According to this study, the main objective is to find out the drawbacks to enhance the Aviation Services for Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka.In this particular thesis, eight (08) major determinants have been identified which are unified with Aviation Services and the Tourism industry directly. These factors have been designed to the Conceptual framework, and those factors are analyzed under the three major divisions as bellows.


Particularly with the managerial personalities who are being employed with the Aviation services or Tourism industry was interviewed and collected the important primary data for the study to be analyzed as well other secondary data have been found via the internet and the journals with related to this study.
Each of every major determinant has been assigned scoring criteria called Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and which were analyzed by the descriptive statistics to identify the Reliability of them in accordance with the limitations of the selected sample. By comparing the bell-shaped Normal distribution graph with the Kurtosis distribution graph of collected data, it is found that the reliability of Sociological drawbacks are greatest significance than other two divisions called Financial and Economical.Hence,for the development of Aviation services in Sri Lankan context Sociological related shortcomings should be eliminated as to the Study.